School Supply Pickup Parade

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Good Evening Arrowhead Families!   I hope you are enjoying your summer and have found time to enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having!  

School is right around the corner and we have been busy preparing information to send your way.    Arrowhead Elementary has teamed up with our PTA to share the cost on supplying ALL students with back-to-school supplies!

We hope this helps in providing a good base start for all students to be prepared with the necessary tools for 3.0 Learning online.   Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 25th for a drive-through supply pick-up parade.

Attached is a flyer to explain the plan in detail!   Also, we want to make sure we get technology devices to those who need them. Attached is information from Mrs. Amy Smith to supply our Hawks with the needed technology to learn online.

Attention 2nd & 3rd grade parents – please be sure to read the instructions if you have a NSD chrome book at home now!  

*Kindergarten Parents – Please note that the school calendar has been adjusted. Kindergarten students will now begin school on Wednesday, September 2nd along with the first-fifth grade students.  

Class information and much more is being mailed (US Mail) on Friday. Be sure to watch your mailboxes for this delivery.   We appreciate your patience as our district prepares for this unusual start to school. We are here to support you, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  

Stay healthy, happy and hopeful! 

  Jo Wild

Arrowhead Elementary Office Manager


Pickup Parade Details and Schedule

Device Ordering

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