Arrowhead PTA Chairs + Officers

If you are interested in an executive board role or event/program chair position, please let us know by emailing

Job Descriptions

Board of Directors

Position / EventNameContact Information
Executive Vice PresidentAmanda

Event and Activity Chairs

Art AuctionOPENartauction@ptaarrowhead.orgWork with teachers and art docents to produce one or more pieces of art per classroom to be put up for auction. This is an amazing event that produces truly wonderful pieces of art!!! This event is held with Art Night in May coinciding with new Kindergarten Families welcome event.
Art DocentsOPENartdocent@ptaarrowhead.orgWork with teachers and art docent volunteers to provide art lessons in the classroom.
Art NightSumaya Harrisonartnight@ptaarrowhead.orgHelp organize art night volunteers to setup tables, setup kid's art, organize activity volunteers
Board Game NightOPEN
Plan, organize volunteers and supplies. Note: we have been able to borrow games for this in the past.
CarnivalDylan Mason
& Joanie & Paul Snorsky
Clay DocentKaren Ciubotariu
claydocent@ptaarrowhead.orgHelp rally volunteers for our monthly clay program
Clubs & ActivitiesOPENWhen we can do so again, bring clubs & activities to Arrowhead. Manage 6 crickets. Make sure chaperone and insurance requirements are met.
Communications Highlights EmailsOPENcommunications@ptaarrowhead.orgCollect news items from exec team and chairs and publish weekly highlights email to PTA members. Familiarity with Mail Chimp or similar email marketing applications is helpful but not necessary- it is easy to learn.
Communications: SocialOPENPost PTA announcements to Facebook and direct questions and communication as needed back to chairs.
Community Building EventOpenpresident@ptaarrowhead.orgIdeas? Email us!
Community Serve DayTheresa Phillipps

Community Serve Day provides essential assistance in getting our campus and classrooms ready for the new schoolyear. Chair will coordinate with our community serve liaison and ensure all teachers know they can ask for help, and solicit and manage parent and community volunteers.
Dances Linda Hapgood
dances@ptaarrowhead.orgFall: Oct 25, 2019
DirectoryOPENvp@ptaarrowhead.orgWork from Home!
Publish and distribute annual PTA directory. Copying is done through the district. Includes running an art contest (produced by the Arrowhead kiddos) for the cover and within the directory.
Equity and
Financial ReviewMegan Risingfinancialreview@ptaarrowhead.orgPerform review on PTA financial records twice a year (January and July) and provide recommendations to the executive team for improvements. This is a committee of three people. PTA needs two more members for this committee.
Fundraiser Committee - Fall and SpringOPEN
fundraiser@ptaarrowhead.orgResponsible for Fall and Spring fundraisers, providing a main source of income for the PTA.
Legislation and Advocacy OPENlegislation@ptaarrowhead.orgArrowhead’s representative to the annual state PTA legislative conference (Oct.). Also keeps our PTA informed of happenings in state and local government that affect education/PTA.
MembershipTiana Bourn
membership@ptaarrowhead.orgActively recruit new members in the Arrowhead community. Creative ideas welcome. Share the value of membership and let people know how and why
membership makes a difference to the Arrowhead community. Manage member database and reporting.
Multicultural NightNora Ross
multicultural@ptaarrowhead.orgOrganize volunteer team to setup event and send out communication
Nomination CommitteeTBD
execteam@ptaarrowhead.comThis is a 3 person team that has a keen eye for leaders within our school who would be good candidates for the executive committee. Time commitment: 1-2 hours per year.
Parents n'PastriesRob BeesonParentsnPastries@ptaarrowhead.orgOrganize and run this before school event
(usually in Feb). Bringing kids, parents,
pastries, coffee, and juice together –
what could be better?

Popcorn FridaysKelli Friedlander
& Fam Douglas
popcorn@ptaarrowhead.orgThis is a once per month activity. This role will make you very popular with the kids! FYI, food handling permit will be needed.
ReflectionsOPENreflections@ptaarrowhead.orgOrganize / communicate reflections art contest.
Safety, Security and E-PrepOPENSafety@ptaarrowhead.orgAre you passionate about supporting the school’s Safety and Emergency Preparedness program? This position can be one or two volunteer co-chairs to serve as PTA liaisons to the school’s Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee. The purpose of this position is to support the school in its responsibilities around safety and emergency preparedness and includes helping request and provide PTA funding for needed supplies, participating in Safety & Emergency Preparedness Committee meetings, and providing information and insights about current safety and emergency preparedness topics.
Special Education Services - SPEDErin Reoyo &
Jennie Blockhus
Staff AppreciationOPENStaffappreciation@ptaarrowhead.orgOrganize school wide teacher appreciation events.
STEM FairDana
Student Enrichment Committee (SEC)Shannon Youngsec@ptaarrowhead.orgAccept applications from teachers and staff for enrichment purchases. Move each proposal through the tracking, voting, approval, reimbursement, and documentation phases. As of September 2020, this process is electronic.
Technology and WebsiteDana Beeson
& Heather Boyle as backup
webmaster@ptaarrowhead.orgWebsite updates
PTA Email maintenance
Cloud/File Repository
Theater - Missoula Children's Theater (MCT)Kate Harris
& Linda Hapgood
mct@ptaarrowhead.orgHelp the theater company and students with their performance
Watch D.O.G.SEric This program encourages father-figures to become more involved in volunteering at the school and offers a straightforward opportunity to sign-up for a day on campus helping kids on the playground and in the classroom! A “Top Dog” is desired to co-chair the WATCH D.O.G.S. program. The “Top Dog” coordinates the program in conjunction with the school, and the position is open to men and women.
Welcome Back EventPTA Executive