Arrowhead PTA Chairs + Officers

If you are interested in helping with any of the committees below or just getting more information, please let us know by emailing

Executive Team

Position / EventNameContact InformationDescription
PresidentLisa Hodgsonpresident@ptaarrowhead.orgThis position plans
monthly executive team meetings; meets with the
principal monthly; and leads the PTA meeting as a whole.
The president must remain impartial and promote a positive
image of PTA within the community. The president serves as
an unofficial member of all committees except the nominating
Co-VP (Clubs/Events)Heather Boyle and

Ashley Plessas
vp@ptaarrowhead.orgMaintaining Bulletin Board
Arrange Clubs and Activities.
Assist Presidents with other tasks
This position helps to develop and monitor
the PTA budget. Ensures adequate insurance
is purchased; provides monthly and annual
financial reports; ensures the PTA
remains in good standing; documents expenditures
and deposits; and ensures proper handling of PTA
SecretaryJennie Blockhussecretary@ptaarrowhead.orgThe secretary takes minutes and records
all business at each meeting of the PTA, including meetings
of the membership, the board of directors,
and the executive committee.
The secretary completes an independent review of the bank statements.
The secretary is responsible for facility reservations for PTA sponsored events and clubs, along with
Warehouse requests with Northshore School District.

Event and Activity Chairs

Art DocentsValencia Carroll
artdocent@ptaarrowhead.orgOngoingCo-chair this position and work with teachers and art docent volunteers to provide art lessons in the classroom.
Art NightSumaya Harrisonartnight@ptaarrowhead.orgMay 19, 2020Help organize art night volunteers to setup tables, setup kid's art, organize activity volunteers
Art AuctionRebecca Raneyartauction@ptaarrowhead.orgMay 19, 2020Work with teachers and art docents to produce one or more pieces of art per classroom to be put up for auction. This is an amazing event that produces truly wonderful pieces of art!!! This event is held with Art Night in May coinciding with new Kindergarten Families welcome event.
Clay DocentKaren Ciubotariuclaydocent@ptaarrowhead.orgOngoing Help rally volunteers for our monthly clay program
CarnivalDylan Mason
Communications Highlights Weekly E-MailSara Rhodeshighlights@ptaarrowhead.orgCreate and send weekly email to PTA members highlighting important info and events coming up that week. Training / Support available

Community Serve DayDanielle and Robert KnightCommunityServe@ptaarrowhead.orgAug 25, 2019

Community Serve Day provides essential assistance in getting our campus and classrooms ready for the new schoolyear. Chair will coordinate with our community serve liaison and ensure all teachers know they can ask for help, and solicit and manage parent and community volunteers.
Dances - school wideMaggie Rynearson
David Rynearson
dances@ptaarrowhead.orgFall: Oct 25, 2019
DirectoriesPTA Executive Teamexecteam@ptaarrowhead.orgWork from Home!
Publish and distribute annual PTA directory. Copying is done through the district. Includes running an art contest (produced by the Arrowhead kiddos) for the cover and within the directory.
FacebookJoanna Elderjo3of4@gmail.comOngoingFacebook Announcements
Fundraiser Committee - Fall and SpringAmy Thompson and
Zona Kavanaugh
fundraiser@ptaarrowhead.orgHelp organize fundraiser activities 2x per yearFall: Oct 14 - Oct 25 2019
Financial ReviewAutumn Salazar
Karen Domke
Megan Rising
financialreview@ptaarrowhead.orgJuly 2019 and Jan 2020Perform review on PTA financial records twice a year (January and July) and provide recommendations to the executive team for improvements. This is a committee of three people. PTA needs two more members for this committee.
Hospitality (PTA Meetings)OPEN2nd Tuesday of MonthProvide lite refreshments (reimbursed) at PTA meetings during the school year (5 meetings per year – October, November, January, March and May)
Legislation Liaison Amanda Maus Stephen
Maggie Rynearson
legislation@ptaarrowhead.orgOngoing / Oct 26-27 2019 Conference at Bellevue CollegeArrowhead’s representative to the annual state PTA legislative conference (Oct.). Also keeps our PTA informed of happenings in state and local government that affect education/PTA.
Library Volunteer CoordinatorsJen Berg
MembershipTiana Bournmembership@ptaarrowhead.orgOngoingRecruit and enroll members in the Arrowhead PTA.
Share the value of membership and let people know how and why
membership makes a difference to the Arrowhead community.
This position is currently chaired, however, a co-chair would be welcomed.
Multicultural NightRavina Boecklermulticultural@ptaarrowhead.orgJan 24, 2020Organize volunteer team to setup event and send out communication
New Family ProgramAmy Thompsonnewfamily@ptaarrowhead.orgWelcome new families to the Arrowhead community including the Kindergarten families. This would be a great opportunity to work with a co-chair to facilitate orienting new families on how to navigate where to find information and events.
Nomination CommitteeJennie Blockhus
Ravina Boeckler
Kirsten Hough
execteam@ptaarrowhead.comThis is a 3 person team that has a keen eye for leaders within our school who would be good candidates for the executive committee. Time commitment: 1-2 hours per year.
Pancake BreakfastOPEN
Mar 21, 2020Organize and run the annual pancake breakfast
in March.
A hugely popular event!
Parents n'PastriesChristine Tucker and
Carlie Stusser
ParentsnPastries@ptaarrowhead.orgFeb 14, 2020Organize and run this before school event
(usually in Feb). Bringing kids, parents,
pastries, coffee, and juice together –
what could be better?

Popcorn FridaysLouise Meyerpopcorn@ptaarrowhead.orgAround the first Friday of the month.Organize volunteers to distribute popcorn to students once a month
ReflectionsKaren Ciubotariureflections@ptaarrowhead.orgNovember 2019Organize / communicate reflections art contest.
Safety, Security and E-PrepOPENOngoingAre you passionate about supporting the school’s Safety and Emergency Preparedness program? This position can be one or two volunteer co-chairs to serve as PTA liaisons to the school’s Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee. The purpose of this position is to support the school in its responsibilities around safety and emergency preparedness and includes helping request and provide PTA funding for needed supplies, participating in Safety & Emergency Preparedness Committee meetings, and providing information and insights about current safety and emergency preparedness topics.
Special Education ServicesJoanna Elder
Lisa Hodgson
Science ExperienceOPEN
Mar 2, 2020Book vendors and organize this very popular event.
SECMolly Burdeen
Lisa Hodgson
sec@ptaarrowhead.orgOngoingStudent Enrichment Committee. Review teacher applications for enrichment purchases
Staff Appreciation WeekJennie Blockhus and Danielle Knightstaffappreciationweek@ptaarrowhead.orgMay 4 - May 8, 2020Make sure appreciation activities are communicated school wide, organize teacher breakfast.
Staff Appreciation LuncheonSumaya Harrison
Rebecca Raney
Fall: Oct 11, 2019
Staff LiaisonDeb Henderson
Ellie Swanson
STEM FAirJana DaySTEMFair@ptaarrowhead.orgTBD
Talent ShowOPENTBDRun student talent show sign-ups, rehearsal,
and final performance in May.
A fun showcase of the variety of student talent and a very popular event.
Theater - Missoula Children's Theater (MCT)Kate Doezie
Kirsten Hough
mct@ptaarrowhead.orgJan 28 - Feb 1, 2020.
Performance: Feb 1, 2020 3pm and 7pm at Bastyr
Help the theater company and students with their performance
Technology and WebsiteHeather Boyle
webmaster@ptaarrowhead.orgWebsite updates
PTA Email maintenance
Cloud/File Repository
Watch D.O.G.SDave Rynearson
watchdogs@ptaarrowhead.orgOngoing This program encourages father-figures to become more involved in volunteering at the school and offers a straightforward opportunity to sign-up for a day on campus helping kids on the playground and in the classroom! A “Top Dog” is desired to co-chair the WATCH D.O.G.S. program. The “Top Dog” coordinates the program in conjunction with the school, and the position is open to men and women.
Welcome Back EventPTA Executive TeamExecteam@ptaarrowhead.orgAug 28, 2019