Elected Position Opportunity

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We are currently looking for nominations for President, V.P, Secretary and Treasurer for our 2020-2021 School Year. Elections occur every year!

Contact execteam@ptaarrowhead.org for information.

We especially need a nomination for Treasurer. Did you know the PTA can’t run without one?! Job description:



  • 5 General Membership meetings per year.
  • Executive Board Meetings (Typically Monthly).   The Treasurer is a member of the board and has a vote.  

Check Writing

  • Pick up check requests from the main office and process or ask the second signer to help with pickup and delivery.  Get checks back to requestors.
  • Budgeted Grants to School
  • Process invoices / checks to vendors


  • Provide starting cash for events as requested (Approximately 4 events per year).


  • On a weekly basis, enter all information from deposits, checks, etc into Financial Software.
  • Reconcile bank account and all electronic payment methods.    


  • Monthly treasurer’s report for the website and to be delivered at the General Membership Meetings.
  • File non profit status report
  • Create Budget for following year with the Executive Board
  • Deliver information as requested to the financial review team

Tasks that MAY be delegated: 

  • Deposits – Instructions may be provided to event chairs that collect money and they may deposit funds to the bank.  Approximately 5 events per year.  
  • File Taxes.   Can be delegated to a willing member of the community or approval to pay for an accountant can be requested.


  • Renew Insurance (Approximately 1 hour or less)
  • SOA Document – Review with President (< 1 Hour)
  • Be familiar with the Treasurer’s handbook and attend 1 training online or in person per year. 
  • If duties are divided into two Co-Treasurers, the second treasurer may not sign or write checks.