Parent Volunteer Duties

Every PTA sponsored Club must have a parent chaperone at all times or the class will be canceled.

Most clubs offer a substantial discount off tuition for the child of the parent volunteer. Preferential class placement is also given to the student of the volunteer.

Chaperone / Volunteer Requirements:

Chaperone / Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • During the class / activity:
    • SIGN IN. Make sure every child is checked in on a sign in sheet for every class session. A class roster will be provided by the Arrowhead Elementary PTA V.P. (Chair) before class begins.
    • VERIFY ABSENCES. For after school clubs / activities, the office must be called immediately after check-in and any absences verified. (425) 408-4000
    • STAY for the duration of the class / activity. In the unlikely event of a vendor no show or emergency sickness, stay with all students and contact Champions (425-281-9644) for kids that attend this after school care program and parents for immediate student pickup.
    • SIGN OUT. Make sure every child is signed out by a parent / guardian or Champions.    Verify that the guardian name on the roster is the person picking up.   You may request a photo ID at any time.  
    • DELIVER SIGN OUT SHEETS daily to the Activities PTA mailbox in the main office.
    • UNREGISTERED CHILD.    If a child is not registered and shows up, they must immediately be brought to the office.  
    • VOLUNTEER ABSENCE.   Contact the club / activities Chair ( ASAP if you cannot attend a class.    Try to find another parent in the class to chaperone in case unable to attend due to sickness or emergency. If no backup chaperone can be secured, email everyone on the class roster to cancel the session with as much notice as possible.
      • A class / activity will be canceled if there is no chaperone with no refund given.
    • REPORT anything that has become a problem or would be valuable for the V.P / Chair to know.   Write comments on the sign in sheet reporting late pickups or anything out of the ordinary.