During the 2020-21 school year, we had a speaker at our meetings to bring our community useful information and tools to help navigate the challenges of online learning. Below please find a collection of resources given to us by some of our amazing guest speakers!

IEP Service Providers of Arrowhead Elementary Give Tips for Every Student

General Meeting January 12th 2021

Our Arrowhead Elementary IEP Service Providers (Teachers, OT, SLP) joined us to provide a wonderful array of tips and techniques from creating helpful learning environments and visual schedules to behavioral techniques and building problem solving skills. Thank you for joining us!

Meeting Slides

Nadia Kabbani, MS, OTR/L on Sensory Needs

General Meeting November 17th 2020

Nadia Kabbani, MS, OTR/L is an occupational therapist from Children’s Therapy of Woodinville who gave an excellently detailed talk on how our sensory systems work and what we can do to help meet the sensory needs of our children to improve focus. She has provided us with a handy tip sheet.

Andrea Robertson, MS, OTR/L of our Arrowhead Elementary occupational therapists also gave us this helpful handout of calming and exciting activities for students to help maintain focus.