2021-22 Student Enrichment Committee (SEC) Funded Requests:

During the first two months of the 2021-2022 school year, the PTA Student Enrichment Committee has received a diverse set of grant requests from teachers and staff. These grants positively impact a wide variety of Arrowhead students and allow teachers and staff to experiment with cutting edge teaching strategies. PTA is so proud to support these endeavors!

School-wide Impact Projects

  • Field Trip Stipends:  Every class receives a stipend to help with field trip and speaker fees.
  • School Vegetable Garden:  Ms. Bejdo is facilitating a school-wide vegetable garden/ outdoor classroom. Students will have opportunities to work with community members that are experts in gardening and teachers can incorporate reading, writing, math and science in these projects. 
  • Enhanced Library Collection:  Arrowhead’s new librarian, Ms. Alleman, received a grant to enhance our library collection in two key areas: 1) middle grade fiction and 2) Social Emotional Learning titles. Middle grade readers will enjoy a more varied, rich, and current selection of reading choices beyond multi-book series. The COVID pandemic and distance learning created a greater need for Social Emotional Learning resources. With suggestions from our school counselor, books that support students’ understanding of themselves and of others, and of their behavior and emotional reactions will be purchased. 
  • Integrated Soccer Games:  Soccer coach Cullen Jowell received funds to develop an integrated soccer program for students in the Special Education program and at least eight general education classes to play together. Students get to practice leadership, Social Emotional Learning skills, and mobility with their Arrowhead peers.  

Grade-wide Impact Projects

  • 5th Grade Projects
      • Schedulers: Every student will receive a planner to learn how to organize the day, week, and month. These time management skills will help with next year’s transition to Middle School with multiple classes and teachers. 
      • Scholastic News magazines: Every student receives a Scholastic News magazine that provides real-life informational reading experience related to world events. These are used as part of reading, writing, and social studies work.
  • 2nd and 3rd Grade Project
      • Team Building: Northshore YMCA facilitated a ground-based teambuilding workshop all for 2nd and 3rd grade students to rebuild and learn new social/emotional skills and confidence after school closed due to Covid. The focus is working together as a team and getting to know what each member brings to the community.
  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade Project
    • Oral Storytelling Program: Indigenous oral storyteller Fern Renville will speak with all interested Kindergarten through 1st Grade classes as a supplement to the Time Immemorial Social Studies curriculum. The goal is to show students how Indigenous culture is still practiced by modern people in real life communities.

Class Impact Projects

  • Ms. Wolfe’s 2nd Grade class received STEM materials including white boards for math teams
  • Ms. Borgers’ 4th and 5th Grade class welcomed a visiting artist to facilitate a P(people)-Patch Art Project. Instead of a traditional family tree, this approach encourages students to lovingly represent important relationships from their families and communities with creativity and authenticity in non-traditional ways. The final projects will be shared with Kindergarten buddies in Ms. Bejdo’s class.




Goals of SEC: 

Provide funds at either a classroom level, grade level or entire school level that will enrich the current and/or future student body of Arrowhead Elementary.

SEC Members: 

PTA President, 2 PTA Members (parents of K-2, 3-5), Principal, and 2 Teachers (K-2, 3-5).  Excluding the Principal, committee members may only serve on SEC for 2 consecutive years.


Each request is reviewed and voted on by the SEC Members.  The cost of the program and the number of students it serves will be a primary factor in the granting of requests.


  • Complete grant application and submit via PTA website. Applications are reviewed weekly.
  • Feel free to add attachments with additional information, price quotes, etc.
  •  Deadline for submitting SEC applications is June 1st.
  • Questions – email sec@ptaarrowhead.org

Funding and Approval:

  • Projects can be fully or partially funded, or denied.
  • The requester will be notified via email the status of the grant and the approved amount.
  • If funded, work with the PTA treasurer to get funds – treasurer@ptaarrowhead.org.  In some cases the money will be granted directly to the school and in other cases, the requester will submit receipts for reimbursement.  The Treasurer will know how to handle the funds.

Guiding Practices:

  • Grants are to be submitted before purchases are made.  SEC will not reimburse grantees for expenses after the fact.
  • Grants must be for activities that take place in the current school year.  Grants may not be carried over into the next year.

    Single ClassroomGrade wide/multiple ClassSchool Wide

     What & why
     How many students are supported through this grant?
     Describe the impact/goals this project will have on students.

     How will PTA funds be used?
     If partially funded, where will other funds come from?
     Are there other sources of funding available or being pursued?
     When do you need the funds by?