PTA Recognition: Golden Acorn Award Submission

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Award Nominations are open for the 2020-2021 Year and run through May 1, 2021.

Congratulations to our Golden Acorn Winners for 2020-2021!


Congratulations to our Golden Acorn Winners for 2019-2020!

Sumaya Harrison, Rebecca Raney, Ravina Boeckler,
Jennie Blockhus and Eric Rohr!
Outstanding Advocate: Kristin Bailey
Honorary Lifetime Membership: Danielle & Robert Knight.

There are many people in our PTA who go above beyond for the children at Arrowhead.   Washington State PTA has 3 formal awards that a local unit can use to recognize an individual for ongoing and outstanding volunteerism.  In each case, the recipient(s) will receive a pin and certificate.

Your submission does not have to be long but the more specific you can be about the contribution and why the person has made a difference, the better.

Golden Acorn:
Will present up to 5 at the last General Membership PTA meeting of the year.
The PTA Golden Acorn Award is presented each year to people who have given exemplary volunteer service to the children at Arrowhead Elementary and our PTA.   It is a very special award and is given for continued and dedicated service.  This award is an excellent way to honor PTA members for their outstanding contributions and to celebrate the difference they make in our Arrowhead community.  
Honorary Life Membership:
Will present up to 1 at the last General Membership PTA Meeting of the year.
The purpose of the Honorary Life Membership is to recognize an individual who has contributed significantly to a PTA at the local unit, council, or state level.  
Outstanding Advocate Award
Will present up to 1 at the last General Membership PTA Meeting of the year.
In 2004, the Washington State PTA established the Outstanding Advocate Award, a new statewide volunteer recognition program to recognize and honor individuals for their advocacy work on behalf of children and youth. This award can be given by a PTA unit, council, or region.