Spring Fundraiser!

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Double Dare is Arrowhead PTA’s spring direct giving campaign. 100% of your donations help fund vital school programs. Donate here!

What is the spring fundraiser?

Double Dare is Arrowhead PTA’s spring direct giving campaign. No selling involved!! 100% of your donations help fund vital school programs.

Wait, didn’t we just do this in the fall?

Arrowhead PTA has two fundraisers per year. We divide fundraising into two opportunities to spread it out and make it easier for families to contribute. This spring we DOUBLE DARE you to find a way to participate, whether that is asking family or neighbors to contribute or making a donation yourself. Our daring goal is to raise $15,000.

What does PTA fundraiser money pay for?

While the school district pays for the fundamentals, Arrowhead PTA picks up the cost of enrichment activities that bring classroom lessons to life and build our local community. Here are some examples of where PTA fundraiser contributions go:

ART: Art Docent Program, music appreciation

SCIENCE: Science Afloat program, STEM Fair

EXPERIENCES AND ENRICHMENT: Field trips for all grades, speakers such as the Bat Lady

TEACHER SUPPORT: Care program, classroom funds, specialized training opportunities

STUDENT AND FAMILY SUPPORT: Buddy seats, wiggle chairs, chill room, Bank a Meal

COMMUNITY BUILDING: Pancake breakfast, Parents and Pastries, Multicultural Night

FUN STUFF: Popcorn Fridays, fall and spring dances

How can my contribution make a difference?

A donation of $75 pays for: One popcorn Friday for the whole school

A donation of $150 pays for: One field trip for an entire class

A donation of $200 pays for: Classroom funds for one of our great teachers

Why do we do a direct giving campaign?

Our PTA asks for direct donations instead of doing a giant auction or selling stuff because we value your time, energy and money. Auctions require some expenditures and lots of volunteer time to execute (donations, planning, decorations, etc.) Meanwhile, selling stuff like wrapping paper, cookie dough or candy only brings a portion of the funds back to the school.

What’s the fun part?

If we meet our $15,000 goal there will be a free recess for all Arrowhead students, featuring the DOUBLE DARE rematch between the Mad Scientist and Captain Arrowhead! Will Captain Arrowhead be ready this time? Who will be SLIMED? Donate and see!