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In-Person Club/Activity Information:

Activities 2022-2023 School Year

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MCT RumpelstiltskinGrades:
This winter, our students have the opportunity to be a part of a stage production of RUMPELSTILTSKIN!

This is a whirlwind of a school play experience that goes from auditions to performance in just ONE WEEK. There are roles for 60 students Kindergarten – 5th grade to participate and there are great roles for all ages.
Here’s what the process looks like:

Sign up: Click through to 6 crickets above to register. The first 60 students who register will have a part in the play. There will NOT be cuts this year! If registration fills up quickly, we will have a waitlist. Waitlist families, please be prepared to receive a call on Tuesday morning for your child to participate!

Audition: Tuesday, January 17th at 3:35pm in the Arrowhead Elementary Library. Teachers will transport students to the library after school. Registered students will be auditioning for their part in RUMPELSTILTSKIN! Students must arrive Tuesday by the scheduled start time and stay for the entire two-hour session. Students will know their part in the play approximately 15-30 minutes after the audition and will immediately begin rehearsal. This is a group audition – no advance preparation Is necessary, but a smile 😊 never hurts. Students should just be come ready and have a good time!

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will be conducted after school Tuesday through Friday in the Library.
• Tuesday 3:35-5:35pm (Please plan to arrive at the school at 5:30pm to either pick up your child or learn that they received a part that requires them to stay through the later rehearsal time) and 5:50-7:50pm
• Wednesday 2:05-4:05pm (dinner break) 4:20-6:20pm
• Thursday 3:35-5:35pm (dinner break) 5:50-7:50pm
• Friday 3:35-5:35pm (dinner break) 5:50-7:50pm
Although not all cast members will be needed at every session, students must have a clear schedule for the entire week and must be able to attend all rehearsal time required for their role. A detailed schedule for each part will be distributed at the conclusion of the auditions on Tuesday. Cast members scheduled for the full 4½ hours of rehearsal will be asked to bring a sack dinner or snack.
Chess WizardsGrades: 1 – 5
Chess Wizards is one of the nation’s premier chess education companies and isso popular with kids because of our unique structure. First, we let kids get the wiggles and giggles out with 10 minutes of free play and review of past taught topics. We then go right into the week’s lessons. We separate students based on skill levels and teach different lessons best suited to their individual needs. All lessons have an activity and homework to accompany them and we have well over 80 different lessons to keep challenging our little wizards! Our interactive,discovery-based curriculum inspires students to think ahead, visualize their goals, treat others with respect and to learn from mistakes. Our classes are geared to suit children of all skill levels; from chess ling to checkmate artist,students will build upon their knowledge through lessons, tournaments,variation games and more! Let us coach your kids to a higher level of education!
Draw and Paint like the Master Artists(Arrowhead Elementary) by Creart StudiozGrades: K-5
We work with different media every week including WATERCOLORS, PASTELS, CLAY, 3D ART etc. Every class focuses on different category of art concept Each class focuses on one or more elements of art. Students learn the concept of color, pattern, shape, line, texture,space and composition. Children also learn art history as many of the projects are related to the master artists. Each lesson is designed to inspire kids to develop their visual perception in a natural and unhindered manner, and introduced to the children in a playful and energetic way***Students, who miss a class, may make up their session at Creart Studioz after school. Contact creartstudioz@gmail.com directly to make arrangements:919-597-8577

Chaperone / Volunteer Requirements:

All clubs must have a PTA approved, background checked PTA member as a chaperone for the duration of every class or that class will be canceled.

Most clubs offer a substantial discount off tuition for the child of the parent volunteer. Preferential class placement is also given to the student of the volunteer. Email VP@ptaarrowhead.org for the registration discount code prior to registration.


Scholarships are available: We will attempt to work with vendors who are included in Northshore School District’s online learning offerings. Contact us if you need financial assistance!
Questions? Email activities@ptaarrowhead.org

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